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Established in 1992, the Bowl Kit Company provides educational materials and supplies to those who want to learn about segmented wood turning.


Dennis Keeling (right) won second prize and the Visitor’s Choice award at the Stoneleigh Woodworking Exhibition in the UK with this well executed piece of work. He took a one-week workshop at Bud Latven’s studio in Tajique, New Mexico through the Bowl Kit Company where he did most of the work on the piece.

Amazon customer review: 10-Plan Set
by Brad~Scott Girod on November 25, 2014

I had been studying “Segmented Woodturning” with an eye to moving into this work and slowly collecting some of the necessary tools beyond my existing Lathe and numerous chisels. I stumbled, quite fortuitously, on this book.

The plans are clearly documented and include detailed schedules of every phase of the turning. The content gets right to the point. There is a brief 2 page intro titled “Construction Procedures” then a single page overview of each process common to all the plans.

The photograph of each vase or bowl is quite good and may lead some turners to be a bit intimidated by these vessels but I believe they are all achievable given this much direction and such a solid, definitive plan.

There is no prose or writing on the artistic merits of these projects; they speak for themselves. Mr. Latven moves directly to the specific ten bowl set planned out in a tabbed format with a strong spiral binding that facilitates the use of a copy machine for any given plan and general perusal of all the plans.

What we have here is a superb plan-set with endless adaptations and variations available in the selection of woods, veneers and sizing’s.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Latven & Co for sharing his depth of experience and design sense and producing this excellent path to beautiful vessels; what a wonderful journey this shall be.