Who We Are

Established in 1992, the Bowl Kit Company provides educational materials and supplies to those who want to learn about segmented wood turning.

Pinstripe Bowl Kit

Materials: Brazilian bloodwood or African padauk, African wenge or walnut, veneers
Dimensions: 4" diameter x 4" tall
Skill level: moderately easy

The Pinstripe Kit is a little more challenging than the Anasazi Kit and introduces the staving technique in a contemporary bowl form. Here veneers are glued to the sides of the staves which are then glued into a staved block before turning. All that is required is a sander, some ā€œCā€ clamps and a lathe. Includes woods, veneers, instructions and a full scale template for turning. Some woods may be substituted due to availability.

Tools required: lathe, sander, clamps

Price: $79.95