Who We Are

Established in 1992, the Bowl Kit Company provides educational materials and supplies to those who want to learn about segmented wood turning.

About the Bowl Kit Company

In 1985 Fine Woodworking magazine featured a cover article by Bud Latven and Addie Draper called Segmented Turning. The article included a number segmented turnings along with technical information on the basics of segmented woodturning.

After publication, many requests were made to the authors for more information on the subject and in response, Bud Latven started The Bowl Kit Company in 1992 providing educational materials and supplies to those interested in learning more about segmented turning.

The Bowl Kit Company, Inc. is wholly owned by Bud Latven and Caroline Orcutt with offices in Los Ranchos and Tajique, New Mexico. Please feel free to contact us at bowlkitco@comcast.net with any comments, questions or suggestions.

To see Bud Latven's current work, please visit budlatven.com.